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Along with vocabulary, we have dedicated sections for 6 Aptitude exams, General Knowledge, Reading and Mathematics.

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Wordpandit has been built keeping your needs in mind. The best test prep experts have combined to provide the best resources.

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The most important thing: Wordpandit has been made with a lot of love. We do our absolute best to provide the best free prep available.

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Students struggle to come up with one-stop solution for quality content. Since this is a key to success, we provide it to you for free.

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Visual Vocabulary

We have provided more than 1000 word posters for you to learn.


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Our Test-prep sites offer 120 prep plans that guide you on a daily basis.


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We provide host of blogs and articles on Grammar, Usage, Mathematics and Books.


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We are the only ones that provide extensive reading suggestions.


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We provide daily GK updates to keep you updated with the events of the world.


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Our vocab flashcards cover more than 3000 words. What more do you need?

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Mnemonic Aid to Learn Pensive: Pensive equals to ‘with PEN in your mouth you often indulge in some deep thought’, if you are pensive, you are thinking deeply about something, especially something that worries you slightly. It means that It is as simple as... read more


Pronunciation: gawnt Meanings of Gaunt: 1. Very thin person; 2. Not attractive 3. without any decoration Master’s Tip to Learn Gaunt: GAUNT can be assumed as a ‘Great grand AUNT’ who is generally very weak and thin due to old age. As simple as that….!!! Sentence... read more


Pronunciation: dek-ster-i-tee Meanings of Dexterity: 1. Skill in using your hands or your mind; 2. Adroitness in using the hands Master’s Tip to Learn Dexterity: DEXTERITY can be remembered by DEXTER from the DEXTER’s LABORATORY cartoon on cartoon network. His... read more


Mnemonic Aid to Learn Stupor: STUPOR =STOPPER. Yes, that may sound funny but is a quick-fix way to learn the word. By stopper we can say that stupor is related to the situation when we would put a stopper on our brain so that we are unaware of situations; something... read more

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