60 Days to CAT-2020 : VA-RC Advice for the Last Lap

As CAT 2020 gets closer, Prashant sir brings to you this an awesome series of 60 must-watch videos loaded with strategies, motivation, and study hacks to score well in VARC.

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40 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-21): Three Mistakes to Avoid in the Final 40 Days of CAT Prep

In this video, Prashant sir explains the 3 things you should avoid at all costs with respect to CAT VA-RC preparation.


41 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-20): How to Research for RCs? Plus 3 Resources for Quick Research

It is all good to say that you need to increase your knowledge and fix your issues with respect to your knowledge base. But how do you carry out RESEARCH FOR CAT RCs?


42 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-19): The problem of GUT Feeling! Why Eliminate and not Select?

The problem of GUT Feeling!
Why Eliminate and not Select?
The Classic CAT Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension issue.


43 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-18): How to Approach Paragraph Summary for CAT prep?

In this video, Prashant explains the approach you should adopt for CAT Paragraph Summary questions and how you should prepare for the topic over the next 40 days.


44 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-17): Three things to include in your RC practice right now?

What should be the focus on your CAT Reading comprehension preparation right now?
Are there any best practices that you should include in your CAT RC prep?


45 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-16): How to Fix a Broken Topic for RCs?

Struggling with some areas and topics for Reading Comprehension?
Don’t know how to improve for particular areas/subjects/topics?


46 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-15): Common Prep Misconceptions – A phone call with a student

In this video, Prashant explores a mentoring call with a student and three important CAT preparation things that came out to the fore on the call.


47 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-14): How to approach Critical Reasoning for CAT-2020?

Is Critical Reasoning important for CAT-2020?
If yes, then how should you approach it?
How does Critical Reasoning co-relate with CAT VA-RC?


48 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-13): What kind of a problem solver are you?

In this video, Prashant discusses the three types of problem solvers:
– The Instinctual Problem Solver
– The Hard Worker
– The Dreamy Problem Solver
Analysis & Motivation mixed in this video!


49 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-12): Mind goes blank in the VA-RC Section! What to do?

Prashant picks up the three cases where you can face such a situation and explains what you need to do in order to deal with this situation.


50 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-11): The pressure is getting to you? Wish to give up?

A motivational story to help you out!
In this video, Prashant sir moves in a different tangent: no hardcore VA-RC advice; he shares a small anecdote to make sure you keep putting in the required effort.


51 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-10): Different Strategies for CAT VA-RC Section Tests and Mocks

What are the different approaches possible for CAT VA-RC section tests and mocks?
In this video, Prashant explains the different approaches you can adopt.


52 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-9): How to start your VA-RC Section Test?

How to start your VA-RC Section Test?
How should begin your test?
What should be your mindset?


53 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-8): How to increase your productivity?

Struggling to be productive on a daily basis? Messing things around with your preparation?
In this video, Prashant Sir explains a simple hack for you to use, and improve your daily productivity.


54 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-7): Should you solve previous year CAT RCs?

In this video, Prashant sir answers this question and lays out a roadmap for you.
He explains how you should approach previous year CAT RCs at this stage of preparation.


55 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-6): Is it important to read at this stage?

This is a question that bugs quite a few of you.
Should you or should you not….READ???


56 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-5): The eternal VA-RC Question..Stuck between 2 answer options

The eternal VA-RC Question…I am stuck between two answer options
This is a question that is asked by a lot of students.
Is this an actual problem in VA-RC?


57 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-4): How to deal with the fear of failure as CAT-2020 approaches?

The objective of this video is very simple: to help you with your fear of failure and motivate you along the way.


58 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-3): Given up on CAT-2020 VA-RC? Four simple things for you to do.

Are you looking for a strategy for VARC? This video is going to help those who are struggling with CAT VARC to improve your CAT-2020 Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension scores.


59 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-2): How to deal with low scores in AIMCATS and SIMCATS?

In this video, Prashant sir explains something very simple: how to deal with your AIMCAT/SIMCAT woes.


60 Days to CAT-2020 Series (Video-1): How to deal with Para-jumbles (without options)?

Tangled up in those parajumbles?! Check out this video for some cool tips and hacks.


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