Hi, i am 21 years old. I suffer from ACROPHOBIA ,but i will not hesitate to climb a 50-ft tower if in return for this courageous act of mine Katrina Kaif agrees to move out of the film industry. I hate Katrina Kaif and i think she is one of the worst actresses ever. I know this statement sounds ACERBIC. But it’s the truth. She makes me DOLOROUS when she attempts to do a comedy scene. In terms of analogies, Katrina Kaif is to Bollywood is what Sonia Gandhi is to Indian politics-an outsider.

The large number Sonia Gandhi-haters say she is a foreigner, she doesn’t even know Hindi, how can she be our leader? And the very same people GAINSAY their own logic by showering so much love upon Katrina as if she was born in Ramgarh and can speak bhojpuri more fluently than Govinda. It is because of such people only that she manages to get a PLETHORA of movies every year. In fact, she appears to me like Sonia gandhi’s DOPPELGANGER,only a bit older in age!   And she is not that beautiful, in fact she is not beautiful at all. If our great leader Lalu Prasad Ji was asked for an honest opinion,he would vote Rabri Devi much higher on the  beauty scale than Katrina. And considering her height ,I think bodyguard would have been a bigger blockbuster if the role of Bodyguard was given to her.

I think it is high time the government should take some action and ask UNO to make arrangements for her EXTRADITION to whichever place she belongs so that her glorious acting doesn’t cause any further damage  to the sanctity of already damaged Indian film industry.

P.s: Yeah, we know it is rant but then what is better than a rant for learning words? By the way, a ‘rant’ means ‘A loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion’.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this rant is purely educational and no individuals were meant to be hurt. If they were, so be it.

Words to be learnt from the context given above:

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