Mother Teresa’s heart was full of love, patience and compassion for the mankind. Today it is very difficult to find someone whose heart abounds in so much love. As you find out the meaning of abound, may be you will find that one thing that abounds you and your heart. It is a verb.

Pronunciation: uhbound

The dictionary definitions for abound are as follows:
1) To be present in large numbers or huge quantity
2) To be packed/overflowing or filled
3) To be well provided

Master tip to learn abound:
Abound can be easily learnt with the help of the word abundant. Abundant means rich and plentiful. Also, on the other hand, abound also means to be present richly and plentifully.

Abound can be used in the following ways:
1) The garden of den is the only garden in which the lilies abound. (Verb)
2) Shimla abounds in greenery. (Verb)
3) The store abounds with cockroaches. (Verb)
4) The sky is abounding with clouds today. (Verb)
5) This river has abounded with crocodiles since time immemorial. (Verb)
6) Well-abounding with frogs, the pond is not safe for swimming. (Adjective)

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