Picture for AccommodateThe word accommodate is a verb and it is the act of doing favors or adjusting to the actions or needs of others.
It originated around 1520 from the Latin word accommodatus.

Pronunciation: uh-kom-uh-deyt

Meanings of Accommodate

1. To provide for or to supply a person or other people with a place to stay.
2. To be adaptable enough to allow something to take place without a major change.
3. To adjust actions in response to the needs of someone or others.

Master’s Tip to Learn Accommodate

The word ‘Accommodate’ sounds like ‘a common date’ and it can be related with it by thinking of it as a common date on which two people might have an appointment for something. Now in such a situation, one person will have to adjust to the other’s need which is what Accommodate means.

Sentence examples for Accommodate:

1. It is becoming increasingly difficult to accommodate all your requests.
2. He accommodated her and her brothers at his home for the night.

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