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Definition & Meaning: Acious/Acity Word Root

Delving into the realms of vocabulary, we often encounter suffixes that open doors to a plethora of meanings and applications.
The suffixes Acious/Acity stand out as particularly intriguing, bestowing upon words the nuance of capability or predisposition.
My journey into this linguistic terrain commenced when a term used to describe my persona, “Loquacious,” sparked a flame of curiosity.
This exploration led to a deeper understanding of how suffixes like Acious/Acity sculpt the meanings of words, imbuing them with the essence of ability or inclination.
Let’s dissect the term ‘loquacious’ to unveil the significance of these suffixes.

  • Loqu: Refers to speech or talking.
  • Acious: Denoting the quality or state of being, implying propensity or capacity.
  • Loquacious: Characterized by an abundance of speech; talkative.

Example Sentence: “Her friend is loquacious, consistently speaking with veracity and depth.”

Word root tree diagram featuring loquacious, perspicacious, and vivacity with their meanings.

Exploring the Acious/Acity Word Root:

Commonly Used Words based on this Word Root:

  • Perspicacious: Clear-sighted, having keen judgment.
  • Inefficacious: Not producing the desired effect; ineffective.
  • Mendacious: Prone to lying; dishonest.
  • Vivacity: Liveliness, full of life and spirit.
  • Audacity: Boldness, daring spirit.

Archaic Words based on this Word Root:

  • Furacity: Prone to stealing; kleptomania.
  • Bibacity: Inclination towards excessive drinking.
  • Sequacity: Tendency to follow with little reasoning.

Technical Words/Jargon based on this Word Root:

  • Contumacious: Stubbornly rebellious or insubordinate, often used in legal contexts.
  • Predacious: Predatory, inclined to prey upon others, used in biological or ecological discussions.

Related Word Roots:

  • Fid-: Meaning faith or trust.
    • Confident: Having strong belief or full assurance.
    • Fidelity: Faithfulness to obligations, duties, or observances.
  • Viv-: Meaning life.
    • Vivacious: Full of life and animation.
    • Revive: To bring back to life or consciousness.
  • Vol-: Meaning will or choice.
    • Volition: The act of making a conscious choice or decision.
    • Benevolent: Desiring to help others; charitable.

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