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Acknowledge: Meaning, Sentences, Synonyms and Antonyms

To acknowledge is to admit or accept certain facts or truths. For e.g. acknowledging that your mom does a lot of work the whole day and just giving her a day off, as a surprise; or acknowledging your mistake when you are wrong and apologizing for it. So, to acknowledge means that you understand the situation well and you accept the facts of the situation, whatever they may be.

Pronunciation of Acknowledge: ak-nol-edge

Meaning of Acknowledge

1. Accept or admit the existence or the truth of a certain situation.
2. Recognizing the facts or the importance of something.

Acknowledge in a sentence

Our Super Tip to learn the word

The first known usage of Acknowledge was in the 15th century. The word knowledge means to know certain facts about things and acknowledge is to accept and recognize the existence of those facts! Hope I made it easier for you guys to remember this word; if you acknowledge the same, do comment below.

Examples Sentence for Acknowledge

1. Jess acknowledged that the decision was a mistake.
2. Tom is so stubborn; he never acknowledges the fact that he has responsibilities towards his family!

Meaning of Acknowledge | Definition of Acknowledge | Acknowledge in a Sentence | Acknowledge Synonyms | Acknowledge Antonyms

Synonyms of Acknowledge

Admit, Concede, Accept, Confess, Recognize, Own, Allow, Avow, Grant, Answer

Antonyms of Acknowledge

Ignore, Deny, Renounce, Contradict, Abjure, Disclaim, Disown, Repudiate, Disallow, Disavow

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