Picture for AcuteThe word ‘Acute’ is an adjective and is used for something extreme and that is sharp or severe in effect.
It was first used back in 1562 and has been derived from the Latin word acutus.

Pronunciation: uh-kyoot

Meanings of Acute

1. Extremely severe and sharp
2. Keenly perceptive or discerning, ingenious
3. Having a sharp point

Master’s Tip to Learn Acute

Acute can be broken down as ‘A+cute’ and it can then be related by the fact that a cute person is either loved by others for his cuteness or hated by some for their popularity, in short they can evoke ‘extreme’ emotions and hence the word acute.

Sentence examples for Acute:

1. Einstein is said to have been a man of uncommonly acute intelligence.
2. He was an acute businessman and a truly brilliant editor.
3. He is suffering from acute diarrhea.

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