picture vocabulary for admonishHave you ever been scolded in front of the whole class, even if it was in a joking way? Well, if your answer is yes, then you have been admonished. Back then, it was something that used to tear us to bits and we were left gasping for breath, surrounded by shame. But then practice makes a man perfect, and over a period of time, we have become resistant to most admonishments in life, haven’t we?

It is a verb and its last usage dates back to 14th century.

Pronunciation: ad-mon-ish

Meanings of Admonish:

1) To advice/warn someone
2) To scold someone in a good-willed way
3) To implore someone to do his/her duty

Master’s tip to learn admonish:

Admonish can be learnt easily by associating it with the word astonish, as the two words rhyme. Further, to associate admonish and astonish, we can say that he was astonished when his teacher admonished him, as he was expecting a harsher punishment.

Sentence Examples for Admonish:

1) Felon was admonished against the impending consequences if he failed to adhere to the rules. (Verb)
2) Matron spoke to her admonishingly. (Adverb)
3) Despite repeated admonishment from his father about his duties, he was not in accord with it. (Noun)
4) The funambulist was admonished. (Verb)

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