Picture for AdvocateThe noun form of the word advocate is commonly used for a person who is a public supporter of a cause as an advocate. The verb advocate means “to argue for” or “to publicly recommend”. The word comes from Latin advocare, “to call,” as a witness in court.

Pronunciation: ad-vuh-keyt

Meanings of Advocate

1. (Verb) to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly
2. (Noun) a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc.

Master’s Tip to Learn Advocate

In a court, what does a lawyer do? He is the one who represents the interests of their client. I hope everyone remembers LOKPAL BILL, the action of Anna and Arvind Kejrival was to support (advocate) the bill.

Sentence examples for Advocate:

1. He advocated increasing the charges.
2. He advocates fewer government controls on business.
3. He was a strong advocate of free market policies.
4. Privacy advocates suspect the tags will be used to track shoppers.
5. He advocated higher salaries for teachers.

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