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Agelast(noun) is used to describe a person who never laughs. There are a few persons who are always grim and mirthless and never find anything amusing. Such persons may find jokes offensive instead of taking them in the right spirit thus causing trouble.

Pronunciation: aj-uh-last

Meanings of Agelast

1. A person who never laughs.
2. A joyless person.

Origin of Agelast

Agelast originates from the Greek word agelastos which means ‘not laughing’.Agelastos further originates from the Greek word ‘gelaein’ which means ‘to laugh’.

Master’s Tip to Learn Agelast

Agelasts are often considered to be repulsive. They see fault in everything and are overly critical of things which are ideally to be taken in lighter vein. They end up taking japes offensively rather than finding them playful. Even a smirk is hard to spot on their faces. It is better to laugh and enjoy life rather than be perennially dismal.

Sentence examples for Agelast:

1. *The comedian cracked such bad jokes that the whole hall seemed to be full of agelasts*
2. He was an agelast but then he watched a Charlie Chaplin movie.
3. I wonder if the agelasts ever read “A day without laughter is a day wasted”.
4. It is highly improbable to spot an agelast at a Russel Peters show.

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