If Phoenix birds were real, it would have been an amazing sight to see them rise from their ashes. It would have been dumbfounding actually to see a legend come to life. All such legends that we have just red about, would leave us aghast if they were to happen for real. It is an adjective and its first usage dates back to 13th century.

Pronunciation: uhgastuhgahst

The dictionary definitions for aghast are as follows:
1) Struck with shock that cannot be conquered. (adjective)
2) Filled with amazement. (adjective)
3) Overpowered by sudden and immense fright or horror. (adjective)

Master tip to learn aghast:
Aghast can be easily learnt with the help of the word ghost. Although, the words neither sound similar nor have the same meaning. However, seeing a ghost you would be aghast .i.e. filled with fright. Wouldn’t you be?

Aghast can be used in following ways:
1) I was left aghast at watching a good performance by Britney Spears. (Used as an adjective)
2) The play was so bad that the audience were aghast. (Used as an adjective)
3) Harry Potter was aghast when Phoenix healed his wound with is tears. (Used as an adjective)

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