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Definition & Meaning: Agogue Root Word

Agogue root word comes from the Greek word-agōgos, from agein which means ”to lead”. There are two meanings or interpretations of this Agogue Word Root –
1. A person or a thing that incites or leads something.
2. Any substance that stimulates the secretion of something.

To understand this Agogue root word better, let’s have a look at the word pedagogue.

Pedagogue breaks down into:
Peda: Children
Agogue: Leader or teacher
Peda+ agogue: teacher of the children

Example Sentence- Most of the pedagogues rely on text books rather than adopting new methods of teaching.

In medical terms, agogue root word is used on the words like cholagogue .

Cholagogue breaks down into:
chola+agogue: an agent which promotes the flow of bile into the intestine.
Example Sentence – As he was having severe stomach ache he was given some cholagogue for relief.Agogue Root Word: Learn words related to word root Agogue

Words Based on the Phil Root Word

Let’s learn more words based on Agogue Root Word:

1. Andragogy: Methods used to teach adults
2. Demagogue: leader of the people
3. Demagogic, Demagogical: Of, pertaining to, or of the nature of a demagogue
4. Ethnagogue: A leader of Nation
5. Epagoge, Epagogic: Method of bringing forward a number of particular instances to lead to a general conclusion; argument by induction
6. Mystagogue-: A teacher of mystical doctrines especially religious ones
7. Secretagogue: An agent that promotes secretion
8. Antisialagogue: Medicine which stops or reduces secretion of saliva
9. Hemagogic: Promoting the flow of blood
10. Hemagogue: An agent that promotes the flow of blood
11. Holagogue: A medicine reputed to expel all morbid humors
12. Pedagogue: A teacher of children
13. Pedagoguette : School mistress.
14. Psychagogue : Who leads the mind
15. Xenagogy : Guidebook for tourists or visitors
16. Demonagogue : A means of expelling a demon
17. Synergagogist : An educator who motivates learners

We hope your learning has been immense of Agogue root word through this article. The key to memorize difficult words is to re-read them over and over. Have a great time enriching your vocabulary.

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