Definition & Meaning: Aholic Root Word

“To enjoy life be a lifeholic, shopaholic and of course, Chocaholic!”
The root word Aholic comes from the English language; the ending of alcoholic, a person suffering from alcoholism. It denotes a person addicted to something.

Let’s have a look at the word shopaholic.
Shopaholic breaks down into:
Shop: to buy something; shopping.
Aholic: a person addicted to something.
Shopaholic: a person addicted to shopping.

Example sentence: Soniya, a shopaholic, spends thousands of rupees each month to buy things she does not even need.

Aholic Root Word: Learn words related to word root Aholic

Words Based on the Aholic Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Aholic Root Word:

1. Blogaholic: A keen blogger.
2. Bookaholic: lover of books.
3. Alcoholic: addicted to alcohol.
4. Milkaholic: lover of milk.
5. Foodaholic: lover of food.
6. Workaholic: addicted to work.
7. Chocaholic: chocolate lover.
8. Lifeaholic : A person who is passionate about making the most of life.
9. Laughaholic : A cheerful person.
10. Spendaholic : A person who is addicted to spending money.
11. Filmaholic : A film enthusiast.
12. Sportsaholic : one who loves to watch or play sport.
13. Cataholic : One who is extremely fond of cats.
14. Musicaholic : A person who loves music.
15. Talkaholic : Characterized by incessant talking.
16. Tweetaholic : A person addicted to tweeting.
17. Wordaholic : A lover of words.

Tell us which aholic are you? Hope that this post on root word aholic has helped you vastly in knowing different types of “aholics” around you. Keep learning, keep growing! Goodluck.

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