picture for alembicAlembic(noun) in literal terms is an obsolete apparatus used for distillation. It consists of two retorts connected by a tube. Technically alembic is the top lid on the container but is used to refer to the whole apparatus. Metaphorically, the word can be used for anything that refines or purifies.

Pronunciation: uh-lem-bik

Meanings of Alembic

1. An archaic container or vessel used for distillation.
2. Anything that refines or transmutes.

Origin of Alembic

This term was coined in 1350–1400 in Middle English language and is another version of “alembic” which is a variant of Medieval Latin “alambicus” which further is a dialectal from the Arabic “al anbīq” that means “still”. This Arabic term is derived from the Greek word “ámbix” which means “cup”.

Master’s Tip to Learn Alembic

In laboratories we come across various set ups that are used for distillation. Alembic is a disused version of those set ups which was used to distill liquids in pre historic times.

Sentence examples for Alembic:

1. Your mind is extremely dirty Jack, If only we could refine it using an alembic.*
2. The chemist used the alembic for distillation of water.

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