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Algebra Level 1 Test 4

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Question 1
One-fourth of Nikhil's money is equal to one-sixth of Yogesh’s money. If both together have Rs. 600, what is  the difference between their amounts?
Rs. 160
Rs. 240
Rs. 200
Rs. 120
Question 1 Explanation: 
Let the money owned by Nikhil = p
Let the money owned by Yogesh = q
P + q =600 ……………………..1
p/4 = q/6 ………………………..2
From equation 2
p = 2q/3
and From equation (1)
2q/3 + p = 600
p = 600 – 360 = Rs. 240
Question 2
If 5 students utilize 18 pencils in 9 days, how long at the same rate will 66 pencils last for 15 students?
10 days
12 days
11 days
None of these
Question 2 Explanation: 
Required days will be
9 x 5/15 x 66/18 = 11 days
Question 3
The priest told the devotee, "The temple bell is rung at regular intervals of 45 min. The last bell was rung 5 min ago. The next bell is due to be rung at 7 : 45 am". At what time did the priest give this information to the devotee?
7:00 am
7:05 am
7:40 am
6:55 am
Question 3 Explanation: 
Given that the bell is rung at an interval of 45 min.
And the Next bell is due to be rung at 7:45 am.
Also , last bell rung at 7:00 am. So priest gave his information at 7.05
Question 4
There are two identical vessels X and Y. Y is filled with water to the brim and X is empty. There are two pails A and B, such that B can hold half as much water as A. One operation is said to be executed when water is transferred from Y to X using A once and water is transferred to Y from X using B once. If A can hold ½ a litre of water and it takes 40 operations to equate the water level in X and Y,  what is the total volume of water in the system?
10 L
20 L
40 L
20 3/4  L
Question 4 Explanation: 
Water transferred in one operation = ¼ l
i.e from Y to X Therefore total quantity of water transferred in 40 operations = ¼ ( 40) = 10l
Therefore the total volume would be 10 x 2 = 20 L
Question 5
Anil is at present one-fourth the age of his father.  After 16 yr, he will be one-half age of his father. Find  the present age of Anil's father?
40 yr
36 yr
32 yr
28 yr
Question 5 Explanation: 
Let the present age = a year
Therefore Anil’s age = a/4
a/4 + 16 = ½ (a + 16)
on solving a = 32 years
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