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Definition & Meaning: Algic Word Root

Originating from the Greek word ‘algos’, which signifies pain, the root word ‘Algic’ encompasses a vast array of terms predominantly in the medical field. This root word is a key to unlocking the meaning behind complex medical terminologies, providing insights into the nature and location of pain. For instance, ‘neuralgia’ illustrates how combining ‘neural’ (pertaining to nerves) with ‘algia’ (pain) conveys the concept of nerve-related pain. Interestingly, the word ‘nostalgia’ also derives from this root, highlighting a metaphorical pain associated with longing or homesickness.

Diagram illustrating the meanings of words derived from the algic root word

Words Based on the Algic Word Root

Commonly Used Words Based on the Algic Word Root:

  • Neuralgia: Intense, typically intermittent pain along the course of a nerve.
  • Gastralgia: Pain in the stomach.
  • Myalgia: Pain in a muscle or group of muscles.

Technical Words/Jargon Based on the Algic Word Root:

  • Arthralgia/Arthralgic: Pain in a joint.
  • Causalgia: Severe burning pain in a limb caused by injury to a peripheral nerve.
  • Erythromelalgia: A disease caused by dilation of peripheral blood vessels, associated with burning, redness, and pain.

Related Word Roots

1. Patho- (Greek: ‘suffering’, ‘disease’)

  • Pathology: The study of diseases.
  • Pathogen: An organism that causes disease.
  • Pathophysiology: The study of how disease processes affect the function of the body.

2. Dys- (Greek: ‘bad’, ‘difficult’, ‘impaired’)

  • Dyspepsia: Indigestion.
  • Dysphoria: A state of dissatisfaction, anxiety.
  • Dysfunctional: Not operating normally or properly.

3. Noci- (Latin: ‘hurt’, ‘injury’, ‘pain’)

  • Nociceptive: Relating to the sensory nervous system’s response to certain harmful or potentially harmful stimuli.
  • Noxious: Harmful, poisonous, or very unpleasant.

We hope this article on the commonly used Algic Root Word has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the Root Word Algic and enhance your vocabulary.

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