Picture for AmicableAmicable describes someone or something that is friendly and shows peace-loving characteristics. A meeting where there were no disagreements is an example of an amicable meeting. Amicable comes from the Latin word for “friend,” amicus.

Pronunciation: am-i-kuh-buhl

Meanings of Amicable

1. (Adj) characterized by or showing goodwill; friendly; peaceable

Master’s Tip to Learn Amicable

The adjective amicable means “friendly” — but in particular, use it when describing relations one might otherwise expect to be unfriendly. The end of a romantic relationship that’s less than amicable might involve broken dishes or broken bones. The things most commonly described as amicable are divorces. The parties in a divorce often tend to be so childish and the proceedings so messy that it’s nice to have a word that reflects the absence of those qualities.

Sentence examples for Amicable:

1. The dispute was finally settled in a very amicable manner.
2. Amicable settlement of the few complaints received.
3. The meeting ended on reasonably amicable terms.

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