Pronunciation: am-nee-zhuh

Have a look at this convenient form of memory loss in the advert below:

Well, Las Vegas is one such place which can make you forget a lot of things, rather conveniently on most occasions. That is why the wife in the advert just cannot believe how one can forget a single week and a single week alone.

The dictionary definitions for Amnesia are as follows:
1. Partial or total loss of memory, usually resulting from shock, psychological disturbance, brain injury, or illness.

On a serious note, the above is the actual definition for amnesia and is a medical condition that is generally misrepresented in movies and television series (for the convenience of the script). This does spread a lot of myths about the disease.

Usage examples for amnesia:
1. Amnesia is an excuse used at times by criminals to escape punishment.
2. “You guys ‘amnesia is simply amazing, and a sure sign of naked and hypocritical partisanship.”

The second sentence highlights the figurative usage of the word.

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