picture for amphigoryAmphigory(noun) is used to denote a piece of writing that is hokum. It may be a ramblingly written text or a charade which is an absolute guff. These are often written to mock a serious piece of writing but end up being rubbish.

Pronunciation: am-fu-go-ree

Meanings of Amphigory

1. A senseless piece of writing, esp. one that mocks a serious work.
2. A rigmarole.

Origin of Amphigory

The word originates from the French word ‘amphigouri’ whose origins are unknown though it may have been from Greek amphi + ‘gyros’ which means circle.

Master’s Tip to Learn Amphigory

We often come across parodic articles or essays by so called critics which try to deride serious pieces. They have ostensible meaning but on careful reading the turn out to be amphigories. They are oft written to get cheap publicity among other reasons.

Sentence examples for Amphigory:

1. Engineering students all too often write amphigories instead of actual answers in their exams.
2. The newspaper headline that Manmohan Singh is a puppet in Sonia Gandhi’s hand does not seem to be an amphigory anymore.

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