picture for anathemaAnathema traces its origin to the Greek word anatithenai : “to set up” or “to dedicate”. In the Old Testament a creature or object were set apart for sacrificial offering. Its return to profane uses was strictly banned and such objects destined for destruction, thus became effectively accursed as well as consecrated. The Old Testament description of religious wars calls both the enemy and the besieged city anathema inasmuch as they were destined for destruction.


Meanings of Anathema:

1) A person or a thing detested or loathed.
2) A person or a thing accursed to damnation or destruction.
3) A strong curse; imprecation
4) A formal ecclesiastical curse of excommunication.

Master’s tip to learn Anathema:

Anathema could be written as anaath (orphan in hindi) +maa (mother in hindi). Being anaath or an orphan or having no mother is definitely a curse. This tip makes the meaning of the word anathema very clear as curses and their very existence in the society is detested by mankind.

Sentences examples for Anathema:

1) Math is an anathema to her despite her hard work she never gets good marks.
2) Blind faith acts as an anathema to science.
3) The idea of cheating in an examination is a complete anathema to him.

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