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Definition & Meaning: Andr Root Word

What does Andr Root Word mean?
The root word -Andro comes from Greek andró(s), genitive of anḗr man. It usually refers to ‘man,male or mascuiline’. For instance, the word androgen means a male sex hormone (such as testosterone or anabolic steroids) because:

Andro/andr : man/male.
Gen: birth, origin or race.
Andro + Gen= Birth giving hormone in males/male sex hormone.

It is fair to say that words with the word root –andro/andr is mostly used in words related to men/male.

Example sentence:
Conditions such as acne, excessive facial hair and erratic periods could indicate an androgen disorder or underlying hormonal imbalances.Andr Root Word: Learn words related to word root Andr

Words Based on the Andr Root Word

Following is a list of words based on Andr root word:

1. Androgynous (adj): Having both male and female characteristics.
2. Android: Resembling a human/ human-like robot.
3. Misandry: Hatred towards men.
4. Andragogy: The methods or techniques used to teach adults.
5. Polyandry: The practice of having more than 1 husband at the same time.
6. Androcracy: The political rule by men or males.
7. Androcentric: Centred or focused on men.
8. Androphobia: abnormal fear or dislike for men.
9. Andranatomy: The physical structure of the male body.
10. Androcyte: Male sex cell, especially of an immature stage.
11. Androecium: Stamen/ a name given to the whole of the male organs of a flower.
12. Psychandric: A reference to the mind of a man or men.
13. Androsome: A male-limited chromosome; literally, a male body.
14. Somandric: Relating to the body of a man.

We can see how much easier it becomes to memorize any word if we can link it with something that we can never forget. That is the power of word root that can help us to break down complex words and easily fathom their meaning.

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