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Definition & Meaning: Anglo Root Word

The root word-anglo comes from Latin –‘English or British’. It denotes England or English. Let’s look at the word Anglo-American, which refers to American citizen of British origin. The word can be broken down into two parts:

  1. Anglo meaning British
  2. American meaning citizen of America

By simple addition, we have:

Anglo+American = American citizen of British origin.

Using a similar analogy, Anglo-Irish or Anglo-Indian refers to Irish and Indian citizens of British origins, respectively.

Example sentence,
“I have an Anglo surname, I speak Spanish, and I look Indian,” Joey used to joke.
Here ‘Anglo surname’ is explicitly used to denote an English surname.Anglo Root Word: Learn words related to word root Anglo

Words Based on the Anglo Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Anglo Root Word:

1. Anglo-Irish: Irish citizens of British origin
2. Anglo-Saxon: Germanic inhabitant of England
3. Anglomania: Excessive admiration of English customs
4. Anglophobia: Fear of England
5. Anglocentric: Considered in terms of England
6. Anglophone: English speaking person
7. Anglo-Indian: Indian citizen of English origin
8. Anglophile: A person who loves country and culture of England
9. Anglophony: Use of English language
10. Angloromani: Mixed language with English based grammar and Romani based dictionary
11. Anglosphere: Collection of English speaking countries
12. Anglo-English: British English
13. Anglophilia: Strong Admiration towards England and its people
14. Anglosuchus: Extinct species of dinosaur
15. Angloposeidon: Informal name given to a dinosaur from early cretaceous of southern England

We hope this article on the commonly used Alb Root Word and it has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the Root Word Alb and enhance your vocabulary.

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