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Definition & Meaning: Anim Root Word

What does the Anim Root Word mean?

For many of us, cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Aladdin, Lion King, etc. have been a vital part of our childhood. Also, animation movies like Frozen, Despicable Me, etc., still excite most of us. These cartoons are commonly known as animations with the sketches and drawings brought to life. Through this example, you can easily remember and learn the meaning of the ‘anim’ word root. The Root Word ‘anim ’ comes from the Latin word animus, which means life, soul or mind.

Let us look at some examples to get it more clarity.
Animation: a lively or exciting quality
Animosity: a strong feeling of dislike or hostility

anim Root Word: Learn words related to word root anim

Words Based on the Anim Root Word

Additional words based on this word root

1. Animism: The belief that all plants, animals and objects have spirits.
2. Animus: A strong feeling of dislike or hatred
3. Equanimity: Keeping emotions calm/composure of mind when dealing with problems.
4. Inanimate: Not capable of life; not living
5. Magnanimous: Having or showing a generous and kind nature
6. Magnanimity: Quality of being magnanimous
7. Reanimate: To bring back to life
8. Unanimity: The state of being of one opinion about something ; harmony of opinion
9. Pusillanimous: Having or showing lack of courage
10. Pusillanimity: Quality of being pusillanimous
11. Animalistic: Having or showing the nature and appetites of a lower animal
12. Anime: A style of animation that was created in Japan which uses colourful images, strong characters , and stories that have a lot of action
13. Animated: Full of life and energy; one that is produced through animation
14. Animato: One that is with animation
15. Longanimity: A disposition to bear injuries patiently

The best way to build your vocabulary is by recognizing the common Word Roots. This helps you to have a rich repository of words. Also you can always make an educated guess with the help of Anim Word Roots when you encounter unknown Anim Root words.

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