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If there was ever a book that one should begin with, then this is it. A book which takes all of 2 hours to read! And on top of that, the book is written in the simplest possible narrative yet it conveys it points in the most convincing of manners.

What does the book talk about? Animal, what else do you expect after reading the title!

Actually the book talks about a lot more than animals alone. It encompasses within it the critique to one of the most important ideas of the last 200 years, socialism/ communism. The book, through its allegorical style, points out the inherent flaws in the regime of socialist state. The most important point that the book brings to the fore is that the fact that how some would remain more equal than others, even in a society which adopts the principle of equality of all as its founding cornerstone.

The book portrays such a powerful point through a farm, which comes to be ruled by animals after they have overthrown their human masters. What the society of equal turns out to be is the rebuke to socialism. Also the dictatorial aspect of socialism is brought to light in this book.

The book, though may seem a heavy read from the thoughts it carries, but trust me, this is an extremely easy book to read. Also, all those who have a fairly good reading habit, they can also go through this book so that we can discuss the thoughts portrayed by this book.

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