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Definition & Meaning: Aniso Root Word

The Aniso Root Word comes from the Greek noun which means ‘Unequal, asymmetrical, dissimilar’. A combination of an- (Greek), “negative”; plus iso-, “equal” resulting in unequal or not equal. For instance, Anisotropic refers to set of physical properties which are not similar or equal in all the directions. Let’s break it down,

A or an (before a vowel): Not or without
Iso: Equal or Identical
Trope: Turn/Turning(Direction)
An+iso+troupe:Not same in every direction

Wood is an anisotropic material. (Highlights the characteristic of wood being unsymmetrical or unequal)Aniso Root Word: Learn words related to word root Aniso

Words Based on the Aniso Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Aniso Root Word:

1. Anisochromasia: Unequal distribution of haemoglobin in blood
2. Anisochromia: Not uniformly of one color
3. Anisocoria: Two pupil of an eye are unequal
4. Anisodesmic: Crystal with unequal ionic bond strength
5. Anisodont: Having unequal or differentiated teeth
6. Anisogamy: Marriage between two persons of unequal age
7. Anisomeric : Consist of unequal path
8. Anisomorphic: Difference between shape and size
9. Anisopia: Difference between vision of two eyes
10. Anisopiesis: Unequal blood pressure in arteries on two sides of the body
11. Anisopetalous: Unequal petal
12. Anisothenic: Of unequal strength
13. Anisotonic: Not having equal tension
14. Anisorhythmia: Irregular action of heart
15. Anisodactyl: 3 toes projecting differently
16. Anisocarpous: Referring to a flower whose number of carpels is different from the number of stamens, petals, and sepals
17. Anisergy: Differences in blood pressure in different parts of the cardiovascular system
18. Anisomastia: A condition in which the breasts are markedly unequal in size
19. Anisospore: A dimorphic spore, the sexes differing in size
20. Anisotropy: A situation when there are unequal responses to external stimuli

We hope this article on the commonly used Aniso Root Word and it has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the Root Word Aniso and enhance your vocabulary.

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