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Definition & Meaning: Ann Root Word

What does the Ann root word mean?

Let’s talk about celebrations for this ann root word. So, a birth or marriage anniversary is celebrated every year, to mark one more year of the journey. Do you remember participating excitedly in the Annual Day Celebrations in your school or college? And finally there are only a few people, organisations or brands like Bennett, Coleman & Co, Bombay Dyeing , Britannia, Tata Steel, etc which get a chance to have their centennial celebrations. The words Anniversary, Annual and Centennial come from the Latin root word ‘ann’ and its variant ‘enn’ both mean “year”.

Let us look at some examples to get it more clear.

Annual: Happening once a year
Anniversary: A date remembered for some special event occurred on that date in a previous year.
Centennial: The 100th anniversary of something

Ann Root Word: Learn words related to word root Ann

Words Based on the Ann Root Word

Following is a list of the words based on Ann root word:

1. Annals: Records of the activities of an organization; historical records
2. Centennial: The 100th anniversary of something(important event)
3. Biannual: Occurring twice a year
4. Superannuated: Old and therefore no longer useful or effective
5. Annalist: A writer of annals
6. Semi-annual: Happening every six months or twice a year
7. Perennial: Living for several years ; happening again and again
8. Anno domini: Used to indicate that a time division falls within the Christian era
9. Millennium: A period of thousand years
10. Sesquicentennial: A 150th anniversary or its celebration
11. Biennial: Happening every two years
12. Annuity: A fixed amount of money that is paid to someone each year
13. Annualize: To calculate or adjust to reflect a rate based on a full year.
14. Bicentennial: A period of 200 Years
15. Sesquicentennial: A 150 Year Period
16. Quadrennial: Happening once every four Years
17. Perennial: Happening through the Years

The best way to build your vocabulary is by recognizing the common Root Words. This helps you to have a rich repository of words. Also, you can always make an educated guess with the help of Ann Root Words when you encounter unknown Ann Root words.

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