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Definition & Meaning: Ann Word Root

The Latin root word ann and its variant enn both mean “year.” These roots form the basis of various words that relate to time periods, celebrations, and records. Understanding these roots can enhance our vocabulary and comprehension of terms associated with annual events and time-related milestones.

Word root tree diagram featuring "Annual," "Anniversary," and "Centennial."

Words Based on the Ann Word Root

Let us look at some examples to get a clearer understanding:

  • Annual – happening once a year
  • Anniversary – a date remembered for some special event that occurred on that date in a previous year
  • Centennial – the 100th anniversary of something

Commonly Used Words Based on the Ann Word Root

  • Annals – records of the activities of an organization; historical records
  • Centennial – the 100th anniversary of something important
  • Biannual – occurring twice a year
  • Semi-annual – happening every six months or twice a year
  • Perennial – living for several years; happening again and again
  • Millennium – a period of thousand years
  • Biennial – happening every two years
  • Annuity – a fixed amount of money that is paid to someone each year
  • Annualize – to calculate or adjust to reflect a rate based on a full year

Archaic Words Based on the Ann Word Root

  • Anno Domini – used to indicate that a time division falls within the Christian era
  • Annalist – a writer of annals

Technical Words/Jargon Based on the Ann Word Root

  • Superannuated – old and therefore no longer useful or effective
  • Sesquicentennial – a 150th anniversary or its celebration
  • Quadrennial – happening once every four years

Related Word Roots

Exploring related roots offers further insights into the linguistic tapestry of English:

  • Chron-: Meaning “time.” Examples:
    • Chronological – arranged in the order of time
    • Chronicle – a factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurrence
    • Synchronize – cause to occur or operate at the same time or rate
  • Temp-: Meaning “time.” Examples:
    • Temporary – lasting for only a limited period of time
    • Tempo – the speed at which a passage of music is played
    • Contemporary – living or occurring at the same time

Understanding the roots ann and enn helps us decipher a myriad of words related to time and annual events, enriching our vocabulary and enhancing our understanding of the English language.

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