Picture for AnomalyWe have all read about the anomalies and exceptions in the periodic table of elements. Anomaly means a departure from the normal or common order. It is a noun. The known origin of this word dates back to 1565-75 and has been derived from the Latin word anomalia.

Pronunciation: uh-nom-uh-lee

Meanings of Anomaly

1. An odd, peculiar, or strange condition, situation etc.
2. An inconsistency.
3. A deviation from the common or normal rule.
4. In astronomy, the angle in a planet’s orbit or the angle between a planet’s position, the sun, and the point in the planet’s orbit when it is closest to the sun; or the angular deviation, as observed from the sun, of a planet from its perihelion.

Master’s Tip to Learn Anomaly

Anomaly becomes pretty easy to remember once you notice that it sounds like abnormally, which means not being normal or deviating from the common order.

Sentence Examples for Anomaly:

1. An anomaly in the DNA sequence of a person is responsible for any genetic defects that he may possess.
2. He is the accountant who had pointed out huge anomalies in the tax filing records of the company.
3. Theorists have dubbed this an anomaly; they don’t expect the team to perform this way in every match.

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