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Definition & Meaning: Ant/Ent Root Word

The root words –ant/-ent comes from Latin –‘-ant, implying an act or condition of’ and ‘-ent, someone who is inclined to’. They are used to form nouns and adjectives respectively as we shall see during the end of this root word article. Let’s look at two words pendant and pendent, the former being a noun and later being an adjective.
Pendre: Decoration projecting downwards
Ant: Condition of
Pendre+ant: A piece of jewelry hanging around a neck (noun)
Pendre+ent: Hanging down or over hanging (adjective), undecided or pending

Example sentences,
She wore a beautiful pendant that went wonderfully with her marvelous gown. (As a noun)
The dining area is lit by tasteful pendent lamps over the tables. (As an adjective)Ant/Ent Root Word: Learn words related to word root Ant/Ent

Words Based on the Ant/Ent Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Ant/Ent Root Word:

1. Abundant: Available in large quantities (adjective)
2. Contestant: A person who takes a part in competition (Noun)
3. Defiant : An act of open resistance (adjective)
4. Ignorant: Lacking awareness in general (adjective)
5. Radiant: Shining (adjective)
6. Assistant: A person who ranks below a senior person (noun)
7. Consultant: A person who gives expert advice (noun)
8. Resident: A person who lives at a place for a long time(adjective)
9. Redundant: No longer useful (adjective)
10. Expectant: Showing excitement about something is going to happen (adjective)
11. Different: Not same as each other (adjective)
12. Present: In a particular place (adjective)
13. Innocent: Naive person (noun) / not guilty of crime(adjective)
14. Eloquent: Fluent or persuasive in writing (adjective)
15. Insolent: Showing a rude or arrogant behavior (adjective)
16. Prudent: Careful , avoid risk (adjective)
17. Confident: Showing certainty about something (adjective)
18. Continent: Any of the world’s main continuous expanses of land (noun)
19. Patient: Able to tolerate (adjective) /a person receiving medical treatment (noun)
20. Transient: Last for short time (adjective)

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