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Definition & Meaning: Antero Word Root

The root word “antero” comes from Latin, meaning ‘situated in front, fore’. It forms the basis of terms related to positions at the front. The word “anterior,” meaning ‘situated at the front,’ is the opposite of “posterior,” which means ‘situated behind or at the rear.’ For instance, consider “anteromedian,” which breaks down into:

  • Antero: In front
  • Median: In the center
  • Anteromedian: In front and in the central line

Example sentence: The anteromedian gland cells are present in larvae, which consist of needle-like secretion.

Antero root word tree diagram featuring words anterolateral, anteroposterior, and anterograde.

Words Based on the Antero Word Root

Commonly Used Words

  • Anterolateral: In front of and on each side of the body or object
  • Anteroposterior: From front to back, typically used to reference an X-ray beam
  • Anterograde: Directed forward in time, as in amnesia
  • Anteroinferior: Situated in front of something, but at a lower level or below it
  • Anteroparietal: Situated in a forward part or on the wall of an organ or cavity

Archaic Words

  • Anterozoa: A class of the animal kingdom that includes all animals except protozoa and porifera

Technical Words/Jargon

  • Anteroventral: Relating to the underside of the front of the head
  • Anterodorsal: In front and towards the back
  • Anteroexternal: Situated in front and on the outer side
  • Anterofrontal: Front part of the head or brain
  • Anterointernal: In front and to the inner side
  • Anterospinal: Part located in front of the spine
  • Anterosuperior: Situated in the front and above
  • Anteromedial: In front of and towards the middle line
  • Anteromedian: In front and in the central line

Related Word Roots

1. Fore

Meaning: Situated at the front

  • Forefront: The leading or most important position or place
  • Foresee: To be aware of beforehand; predict
  • Forewarn: To inform someone of a danger or possible problem in advance

2. Pre

Meaning: Before in time, place, order, or importance

  • Prefix: A word, letter, or number placed before another
  • Precede: To come before in order or position
  • Predict: To declare or indicate in advance

3. Pro

Meaning: Forward, favoring

  • Progress: Forward or onward movement towards a destination
  • Proclaim: To announce officially or publicly
  • Propel: To drive or push forward

We hope this article on the Antero root word has been helpful in enhancing your vocabulary and understanding of words based on the root word Antero.

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