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Definition & Meaning: Antho Word Root

The root word antho originates from the Greek word anthos, which means ‘flower’. This root is typically used in terms related to flowers and floral structures. For example, the word anther refers to the pollen-bearing part of a flower’s stamen. The association with flowers is evident in various words derived from this root.

Example sentence: “The two stamens of the Viola tricolor (Pansy), with their two anther lobes and the process extending beyond them, look exquisite.”

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Related Word Roots

Exploring related word roots can provide further insights into the linguistic connections:

Flor- (Latin: ‘flower’)

Meaning: Pertaining to flowers.

Botan- (Greek: ‘plant’)

Meaning: Pertaining to plants.

Florid- (Latin: ‘floridus’ meaning ‘flowery, in bloom’)

Meaning: Having a red or flushed complexion, elaborately or excessively intricate or complicated.

Understanding and memorising words becomes easier when we link them to something unforgettable, showcasing the power of word roots in breaking down complex terms and grasping their meanings with ease.

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