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Definition & Meaning: Anti Root Word

The root word-anti has its Greek origin and it means ‘opposite to something or resisting or opposing something’. So, if you’re anti something, you are ‘against’ it. A person who is antisocial doesn’t believe in socializing and is therefore ‘against’ it. Similarly, Antibiotics are taken against bacterial infection; an antagonist is a person who is against the protagonist in a movie or a novel for instance. Let’s break down Anti-aircraft for a deeper understanding,
Anti: Resisting or opposing
Aircraft: Airplanes
Anti + aircraft: Opposing aircraft or airplanes

Example sentence:
The new submarine is upgraded with new anti-aircraft missiles.Anti Root Word: Learn words related to word root Anti

Words Based on the Anti Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Anti Root Word:

1. Antidote: medicine against poison
2. Antibiotic: medicine against bacteria
3. Antifreeze: a liquid used in machines to avoid freezing
4. Antiperspirant: a product which is against perspiration
5. Antisocial: opposing being social
6. Antacid: medicine against acidity in stomach
7. Antarctica: land opposite the arctic circle
8. Antagonist: one who is against the hero
9. Antonym: opposite meaning
10. Antimatter: opposite to normal matter
11. Antipathy: feeling of strong dislike
12. Antipodal: situated on the opposite side of the earth
13. Anticlimactic: opposite of the expected conclusion
14. Antiseptic: opposing infection
15. Antithesis: exact opposite
16. Anti- inflammatory: medicine to reduce swelling
17. Antioxidant: opposing the oxidation of other cells
18. Antilog: opposite of logarithms

We hope this article on the commonly used Anti Root Word and it has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the Root Word Anti and enhance your vocabulary.

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