Picture for AntiquatedAntiquated is something belonging to or of ancient times or from the past. It usually represents something that is out of date or that has become obsolete; like antiquated traditions. It is an adjective. The first known use of this word has been traced back to 1615-25.

Pronunciation: an-ti-kwey-tid

Meanings of Antiquated

1. Belonging to, made in, or typical of an earlier period.
2. Obsolete or out of date
3. Extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period.

Master’s Tip to Learn Antiquated

Antiquated sounds pretty much like antique, so it is easy to remember as antique means an old item or something that is outdated.

Sentence Examples for Antiquated:

1. The Indian Air Force is becoming notorious for its antiquated equipments and gadgets.
2. The youngsters today have become rational and do not blindly follow all the antiquated beliefs thrown their way.
3. For most people Astrology is a pseudoscience science based on antiquated ideas.

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