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Part of Speech: Noun(pl)
Origin: British

A slang of British origin, antwack is used to refer to something or someone who is old-fashioned or out-of-date. Its origin is linked to the word antique, and in all probability, the word came about pronouncing the word antique incorrectly. That is some derivation, isn’t it? Do you possess something that is antique or as we should say it, antwacky?

Meaning of Antwacky:

1. Old-fashioned or out-of-date

Sentence examples using Antwacky:

1. We often get to see an antwacky piece of clothing sported by Hollywood celebrities.
2. I have often been charged with being an antwacky, one whose views are merged in historical analysis rather than current political discourse.
3. My maternal great grandmother is kind of an antwacky now, isn’t she?

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