Picture for apparatApparat (noun) is used to describe an organisation or an official body; especially one which is political in nature. It may also be used to denote the hitherto present hierarchy. It is a Russian word which literally means apparatus and its use in English language is primarily pejorative denoting an all-powerful communist bureaucracy that enjoys prerogative rights.

Pronunciation: ap-uh-rat, ah-puh-raht

Meaning of Apparat

1. The communist party organization in the former Soviet Union and other states.
2. an organization; esp., a political organization

Origin of Apparat

Apparat is derived from the Russian word apparát which is connate to ‘apparatus’. The roots of the Russian word can be traced to the Latin word apparātus. The first known usage of the word can be drawn to 1941.

Master’s Tip to Learn Agelast

We all feel that the growth of our country is hampered by the set of bureaucrats i.e. the officials of the government that are appointed for running the country because of widespread corruption in their ranks. This system of officials can be referred to as the “apparat”. (Note: apparat is favourably used for a communist government). It basically is the “apparatus” by which an organisation runs!

Sentence example of Apparat

1. At the same time, the influence of the part apparat seemed to be expanding.
2. The chess apparat is not eager to change tournament rules.
3. With all these corruption charges being levelled against the government apparat, voters can’t help but feel cheated.

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