picture and mnemonic for appreciationMnemonic Aid to Learn Appreciation

Appreciation is all about understanding. When you show your appreciation to someone, you are thanking them, but you’re also telling them that you understand what they have done. If you know a lot about wine, you could be said to have anappreciation of it.Appreciation also means a rise in value—you might refer to the appreciation of the value of a house.

Pronunciation: uh-pree-shee-ey-shuhn

Meanings of Appreciation

1. An expression of gratitude or thankful recognition
2. A judgemnent /opinion ,especially a favorable one
3. Recognition of the quality,value or significance of people and things
4. An increase in the value /price of property or goods

Sentence examples for Appreciation:

1. “In closing, i would like to once again express my heartfelt appreciation to the president and all our friends from the media.”
2. The course develops managers to have a critical appreciation of the disciplines of media management at strategic, tactical and operational levels.
3. The expectation of price appreciation leads to a rapid increase in the sale of cars last year.

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