4 Month Aptitude Prep Plan

Your 120 Day Guide for building your Aptitude.

Hi there,

Welcome to our four-part, 120-day aptitude preparation plan.

The purpose of this section is very simple: to provide you suggestions, advice, tests, and questions for daily practice. Over a spread of 120 posts, we cover aptitude in a 360-degree manner. This is most comprehensive free aptitude development course available online.

To-do list for any given month

Every month consists of 30 posts. Each post accomplishes the following:

  • We target specific concepts for the English Language, Mathematics, and Reasoning.
  • Daily Reading Recommendations help you improve as a reader.
  • Helps you build your word-power through our word-posters and flashcards.
  • Basic Mathematics Tests that help you work on your basics.
What all do we use in this plan?

We use the following resources to provide you an awesome learning experience:

  • A careful selection of reading material, selected from the best resources online.
  • Books and Reading Material for English
  • Special Wordpandit Blogs and Articles that will help you build your aptitude.
  • Comprehensive list of concepts and resources, which are constantly putting up on the website.
aptitude development questions and material

How should you use this preparation plan?

Remember, it is a long-term process to build your aptitude. Magic does not happen in a single day!

You need to display regularity and a strong will to complete all the resources we have provided.

  • The first thing you need to do is calculate the number of days you have to complete this plan.
  • If you targetted exam is more than 240 days away, you can cover 1 prep-plan post in 2 days. In case your exam is within the next 120 to 240 days, then you should target 2 prep plan posts in 3 days. In case you have less than or equal to 120 days, you suitably need to up your consumption.
  • Considering the exhaustive nature of the content in this plan, you should be extremely regular with your studies. Even though all our sections are available for free and are open for access, you should try to be regular with your studies. Do not break your schedules are regularity is the key to success.
  • We have added the majority of the topics for aptitude exams and we are going through our last round of checks for these topics. These will go live in the next three months, one at a time.

Who all can benefit from these Aptitude Question and Answers Section?

This section is ideal for students preparing for various aptitude exams. We have made sure that the aptitude questions and answers in this section cover all the topics that appear in the majority of entrance and job recruitment exams. The students and aspirants for the following exams can use this plan:

  • Banking exams, such as IBPS Bank PO and Bank Clerk Exams, SBI PO Exams, RBI Competitive Exam, IBPS RRB and SO exams
  • UPSC Competitive Exams, especially the CSAT exam
  • SSC Exams, such as SSC CGL and SSC CHSL
  • Defence Competitive Exams, including NDA, CDS, and AFCAT
  • L.I.C/other Insurance Exams
  • Railway Recruitment Exams
  • Campus Placement and Career Aptitude Tests for IT and other Companies

Day-wise Posts for Aptitude Prep Plan


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