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This section provides you with the best possible resources for aptitude-development. Covering English, Mathematics, Reasoning and Data Interpretation concepts, tests and practice material, this section offers you the complete 360-degree preparation opportunity.


Prep Plan

Our prep plan divides the website content into 120 easily consumable parts. Use our 120-day day prep plan to build your aptitude skills.


Concept Lessons

We have got in-depth lessons on mathematics that explain the basics of Number System and Arithmetic. Go through these to develop your basics.

Tests & Practice Tests

This sections features an exhausative set of practice tests for Mathematics and English. Added to this are LR Sets, DI Sets, and Puzzles.

The Wordpandit Way of Building Aptitude

Building your Aptitude Skills has never been easier!

We have the perfect combination of articles, tests, practice sets, tips, strategies and a lot more on this site to rev-up your skill quotient.

Our Special Test Hub: Tests divided topic and level wise
We have a whole lot of English and Mathematics tests for you, and essentially they offer the complete range of practice you need for various exams such as CAT, GRE, GMAT, SSC, CDS, Bank PO etc.

Reasoning/Data Interpretation Sets
We don’t stop at mathematics only. Coupled with awesome Maths content, we offer the substantial amounts of logical reasoning and data interpretation material too. We also have a special bonus section: Puzzles (just to tickle your brain cells).

What are you waiting for? Start building your aptitude right away.

Aptitude Prep Plan, English Tests, and Maths Tests

Test and Preparation Material for you!

Want to learn some mathematical skills?

You can start with any one of the following topics.

Arithmetic Lessons in Detail

Pick your lesson and start learning!

Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, and Puzzles

Develop and Practice Skills You Need!

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