Picture for ArbiterAn arbiter is a person who has been chosen to judge or decide disputed matters. He/she is the one with sole or absolute power to give out a judgment. It is used as a noun. Its origin dates back to 1350-1400. It’s derived from the French word arbitre.

Pronunciation: ahr-bi-ter

Meanings of Arbiter

1. A person having power to judge
2. A person empowered to decide or ordain matters under discussion
3. Someone entrusted with power to settle disputes

Master’s Tip to Learn Arbiter

Arbiter can be related to arbitrator which is also its synonym. Both refer to a person appointed to judge or dispose off disputes. Remember this word by keeping in mind the image of your school principal, from whom you always ran away as if he’ll ‘bite’ you and he took all the important decisions and made all judgments.

Sentence Examples for Arbiter:

1. We need an unbiased arbiter to settle this debate.
2. The arbiter’s word is final and unquestionable.
3. The end of the day is the time to gaze at the kingly face of the Westerly Weather, who is the arbiter of ships’ destinies.

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