picture for arbitraryWhen something in life happens arbitrarily, it shocks and it numbs us. But, then all we have got to do is fight it. It is an Adjective.

Origin: Its first usage dates back to 1400-50. It is a word of late Middle English and has originated from a Latin word arbitrarius, which means uncertain.

Pronunciation: ahr-bi-trer-ee:

Meanings of Arbitrary:

1) Something that is determined by chance or a fancy and not by rationale
2) Something that is judged by individual’s inclination
3) Something that is not controlled by the law

Master’s tip to learn Arbitrary:

For example, there is a military rule in a country or a city, which would mean that this military rule would be an arbitrary rule and not something prescribed by the constitution. So, arbitrary can be easily learnt by painting a picture of the country which has been in news for despotic military rule.

Sentences examples for Arbitrary:

1) Euthanasia for animals was an arbitrary law enacted and implemented by the court. (Adjective)
2) Arbitrariness of the rule was such that it invited rebellion from all the human rights groups. (Noun)
3) We are in favour for all the judgements that are non-arbitrary. (Adjective)
4) He non-arbitrarily sanctioned the funds. (Adverb)

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