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Definition & Meaning: Arch Root Word

“Arch is used to signify a ruler or a chief of some kind.”
The root word “Arch” can act as a prefix and a suffix. It comes from Greek word “archos”, meaning a ruler or a chief. In modern English, the meaning of the word root has evolved, and it now represents the most important or highest ranking person.
Let’s take up a sample word to understand how this word root functions.
The word ‘architect’ is derived from:
Arch: Chief
Tekton: Builder
Architect: Chief Builder
Also, do remember that ‘arch’ is not only used to signify a chief or a ruler, it is often used is a dismissive manner. For example, ‘arch-enemy’ is the enemy of worst possible kind. Or, ‘archfiend’ is used to signify the devil of the worst kind.
Arch Root Word: Learn words related to word root Arch

Words Based on the Arch Root Word

Following is alist of words based on the Arch Root Word:

1. Archbishop: Bishop of highest rank.
2. Arch-fiend: Chief Fiend/Satan.
3. Archaeoastronomy: The study of ancient cultures regarding celestial objects .
4. Arch-rival: Chief rival of a person.
5. Arch-enemy: A person who is extremely hostile to someone or something.
6. Anarchy: A state without a government; no ruler or rules.
7. Architect:Chief builder.
8. Endarchy: Government from an inner center of control.
9. Genarch: The head of a family.
10. Monarch: Sole ruler, king.
11. Oligarchy: Government in the hands of the few.
12. Panarchy: Government by all; universal rule.
13. Patriarch: Male head of a family; male leader or ruler.
14. Pentarchy: Government by five rulers or five powers.
15. Myriarch: A leader of 10,000 troops.
16. Exilarch: Ruler over the Jews in Babylon.
17. Chiliarch: Chief over a thousand troops.
18. Biarchy: Government by two people.
19. Endarchy: Government from an inner center of control.
20. Hierarch:A leader in the church.

We hope this article on the commonly used Arch Root Word and it has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the Root Word Arch and enhance your vocabulary.

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