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Definition & Meaning: Art Root Word

The root word-art comes from Latin –Artem ‘skill’ that usually refers to the quality or expressions of what is beautiful or of great significance. For instance, the word artefact refers to an object of cultural interest made by a human being because:
Arte: By skill
Factum: To make
Arte+Factum: To make something of importance (culturally or historically) by skill.

Usage of Art refers to usage of skill in any form and therefore isn’t naturally occurring. Artificial refers to something that employs skill in its manufacture and thus doesn’t occur naturally or isn’t ‘natural’.Art Root Word: Learn words related to word root Art

Words Based on the Art Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Art Root Word:

1. Art: The expression or application of human creative skill, through various means, expressing imaginative and technical skill.
2. Artefact: An object of historical or cultural interest made by human beings.
3. Artful: A skilful or dextrous person capable of handling difficult conditions.
4. Artifice: A clever trick used for deception, a wile.
5. Artificial: Something produced by human skill, something that doesn’t occur naturally.
6. Artisan: A skilled worker, a craftsman.
7. Artist: A person who is skilful and creates art.
8. Artiste: A professional artist or a skilled performer.
9. Artistic: Creative or imaginative.
10. Artistry: Any artistic ability or skill.
11. Artless: A naive or innocent person free from deception.
12. Artsy: A person making a pretentious display of interest in an art.
13. Artwork: Any form of artistic work. Say, a painting or a sculpture.
14. Artifactual: An object made by human beings, usually found at archaeological excavations.
15. Artisanal: Relating to a skillful artisan.

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