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Definition & Meaning: Arterio Root Word

The root word-arterio has its Greek origin-‘arteria’that refers to an artery or a windpipe. Along with many root words that we have discussed till now, this among many has its use in medicine. Let’s look at the word arteritis for instance which means inflammation in the artery walls and it breaks down as follows

Arteria: Artery
Itis (Suffix): inflammation or burning sensation.
Arteritis: Inflammation in the arteries.

Similarly Artiogram refers to the x-ray representation of an artery.
It is fair to say that words with the word root –Arteria is mostly used in reference to biological terms.

Words Based on the Arterio Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Arterio Root Word:

1. Arterial: Relating to an artery or a group of arteries.
2. Arterialization: The process of providing oxygen to the lungs to convert venous blood to arterial blood.
3. Arteriosclerosis: A condition wherein artery walls are thickened and hardened.
4. Arteriole: Small branches of arteries that ends in capillaries.
5. Arteriography: A medical imaging method used to view the inside of veins or arteries.
6. Arteriotomy: The cutting up of an artery usually done during surgical process.
7. Arteritis: A condition where the person feels burning sensation in the arteries.
8. Arteriectomy: The surgical excision of an artery from the body.
9. Arteriectasis: An abnormal condition of the expansion of an artery.
10. Arteriarctia: The process of narrowing of arteries or blood vessels.
11. Arteriogram: The X-ray of an artery or vein injected with a dye in order to check obstruction.
12. Arteriolith: The calcareous depositions along the artery walls.
13. Arteriometer: The instrument used in measuring the diameter of the veins or arteries.
14. Arteriopathy: Any disease related to arteries.
15. Arteriology: The science that deals with the study of arteries.
16. Arterioplasty: The surgical process of reconstructing the walls of the artery.
17. Periarterial: Relates to the tissues that surround the arteries.

We hope this article on the commonly used Arterio Root Word and it has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the Root Word Arterio and enhance your vocabulary.

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