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Artifact: Meaning, Sentences, Synonyms and Antonyms

An artifact is any object produced or shaped by human craft, especially a tool, weapon, or ornament of archaeological or historical interest. It can also refer to some inexpensive object reflecting popular culture.

Pronunciation of Artifact: ahr-tuh-fakt

Meanings of Artifact:

1. Object that is made by a person, such as a tool or a decoration, especially one that is of historical interest.
2. Inexpensive object reflecting contemporary society or popular culture.
3. Any feature that is not naturally present but is a product of an extrinsic agent, method, or the like: statistical artifacts that make the inflation rate seem greater than it is.

Our super tip to learn the word

The word is derived from the latin phrase arte factum (something made with skill) which is further derived from ars, which is, skill + facere, which means to make. Artifacts are generally things used by our ancestors which we find out after digging and are kept safely in the museums.

Examples Sentence for Artifact

1. Experienced diggers recommend use of a separate bag for the artifacts found at a specific depth.
2. It is almost certainly a temporary artifact of the recession.

Synonyms of Artifact

Relic, Antique, Antiquity, Invention, Ruin, Creation, Product, Object, Handicraft

Antonyms of Artifact

Natural object, Brand new, Avocation

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