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Definition & Meaning: Asco Word Root

The root word Asco comes from the Greek word Askos, meaning a bag, sac, or wineskin. For instance, the word Ascus represents a sac-shaped cell present in certain types of fungi. Let’s use its origin to understand the meaning of the word Ascus:

Ascus: A bag
Origin: Greek from Askos

It is fair to say that words with the root word Asco are mostly used in biological etymology.

Example sentence:
The scientist examined the ascus to study the process of meiosis.

Word root tree diagram featuring Ascus, Ascomycete, and Ascocarp with their meanings.

Words Based on the Asco Word Root

Commonly Used Words based on this Word Root

  • Ascus: A bag-shaped cell present in the ascomycete fungi.
  • Ascomycete: Any fungus of the category Ascomycota, which produces a sac or ascus containing immobile spores.
  • Ascocarp: The bowl-shaped structure of the ascomycete fungi.
  • Ascospore: A sexually produced spore in ascomycete fungi.

Archaic Words based on this Word Root

  • Ascogonial: Relating to or pertaining to ascogonia.
  • Ascolichen: A type of lichen whose fungal component is ascomycete.
  • Ascogenous: Relating to the growth from ascogonium of fungi.

Technical Words/Jargon based on this Word Root

  • Ascococcus: A type of micrococcus occurring in masses containing large amounts of spherical micrococci.
  • Ascogonium: The female organ of the ascomycetous fungi from where the ascus is produced.
  • Ascomycotina: A type of sac fungi.
  • Ascophyllum: A type of brown algae.

Related Word Roots

Exploring related word roots can further enhance your vocabulary:

Sacc- (Latin: ‘sack, bag’)

This root word indicates something related to a bag or sac.

  • Saccate: Shaped like a pouch or sac.
  • Sacculus: A small sac.
  • Saccule: A small sac, especially in anatomical terms.

Bladd- (Old English: ‘bladder’)

This root word refers to a sac or pouch, especially one containing liquid.

  • Bladder: A membranous sac in humans and other animals, in which urine is collected for excretion.
  • Bladderwort: A genus of carnivorous plants with small bladder-like traps.

Vesic- (Latin: ‘blister, bladder’)

This root word is related to a small fluid-filled sac.

  • Vesicle: A small fluid-filled bladder, sac, cyst, or vacuole within the body.
  • Vesicular: Relating to or consisting of vesicles.
  • Vesicant: Causing blistering.

We hope this article on the commonly used Asco root word has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the root word Asco and enhancing your vocabulary.

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