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Picture for assoilAssoil(verb) means that a person has been acquitted of criminal charges. It refers to pardoning of wrong doings. A felon can atone for his sins by doing some community service or other good deeds. Likewise, if false charges are filed against a person the judge exculpates him on ascertaining the truth.

Pronunciation: Uh-soyl

Meanings of Assoil

1. To exempt or acquit.
2. Pronounce not guilty.
3. To expiate for.
4. To set free or release or clear up.
5. Atone or make amends for.

Origin of Assoil

The initiatory use of assoil dates back to the 13th century. It was coined from the middle English word ‘assoilen’ which originated from old French word ‘assoldre’. The root of this word lies in Latin word ‘absolvere’ which means ‘to set free’- ab: away and solvere- to loosen.

Master’s Tip to Learn Assoil

A person arrested on some charges can be set free by the judge or acquitted for lack of charges. We oft see such cases when a person is released because the accusations are found to be frivolous. The judge has right to assoil an impeached person if enough evidence does not exist.

Sentence examples for Assoil:

1. Julian Assange says he wants USA to assoil him from his charges. America: Bitch Please!!*
2. Even if Osama Bin Laden served the world for 1000 years he could never assoil for his sins.
3. The CBI inspectors often assoil convicts for lack of enough evidence!

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