Picture for AstuteAstute describes someone clever and has good judgment. Someone good at solving difficult puzzles is an example of astute. It is an adjective and comes from Latin astūtus (shrewd, sly, and cunning).

Pronunciation: uh-stoot

Meanings of Astute

1. (Adj) of keen penetration or discernment; sagacious
2. (Adj) clever; cunning; ingenious; shrewd

Master’s Tip to Learn Astute

A great example and easy way to learn this is word is our “POLITICIAN”. They are clever and use their judgment for every wrong reason and some have good head on their shoulders.

Sentence examples for Astute:

1. An astute businessman.
2. An astute analysis.
3. An astute manipulation of facts.
4. An astute tenant always reads the small print in a lease

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