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Do you have any cruel images sticking to your memory?
I can re-collect some: animals being ties to their cages, begging to be freed, war images that spawn all across all television, and worst of all, images of genocide (killing of a race that is) committed by so many men in command all over the world. Each of these acts is an atrocity, an act committed with complete disregard for humanity and smelling of unending cruelty.

The dictionary definitions for ATROCITY are as follows:
1. Behaviour or an action that is wicked or ruthless. (noun)
2. The fact or quality of being atrocious (noun)
3. (Usually plural) acts of extreme cruelty, esp against prisoners or civilians in wartime. (noun)

Usage examples for ATROCITY:
1. Atrocities committed at the time of the war can have long lasting impact on the mind of the sufferers.
2. Serial killers commit some of the most atrocious and brutal of acts, killing mercilessly.

Word in Context

The following is an extract from Guardian used for educational purposes:

The above is the perfect illustration for a usage of the word in the news world.
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