Picture for AttenuatedAttenuated means to lessen or weaken in intensity or effect. It can be used as a verb or as an adjective. When something loses its force or value, it is then called to be attenuated. Origin of the word attenuated dates back to 1520-30 and is derived from the Latin word attenuātus.

Pronunciation: uh-ten-yoo-eyt; -yet

Meanings of Attenuated

1. To lessen or decrease in intensity, effect or value
2. To reduce in strength
3. To make thin, slender or fine
4. Rarefy

Master’s Tip to Learn Attenuated

One can remember it by breaking attenuated into atte-nu-ate. Atte is changing to ate, that is, it is lessening.
Attenuated is frequently used in science for signals travelling through a medium. While travelling out of the city, the radio signals start to fade out and become unclear. The sound coming is attenuated.

Sentence Examples for Attenuated:

1. The attenuated tunes of the old recording still keep playing in my head.
2. As we moved out of the building, the wi-fi signals attenuated.
3. When I saw the hotel’s kitchen, my desire to eat there attenuated.

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